Throughout the 1980s Wade produced a series of minature buildings based on a mythical English village. They were sold in four sets of 8 buildings and at the time were sold for about 1 to 2 per item.

Whimsey-on-Why (1980-1987)

Number Name Description Photo
1 Pump Cottage Thatched roof. Yellow Door. Beams Click here
2 Morgan's the Chemist Grey Roof. Yellow windows Click here
3 Dr. Healers House Brown Roof/Door. Plants round door Click here
4 Tobacconist's Shop Brown Roof. Red doors Click here
5 Why Knott Inn Light brown thatch. Beams Click here
6 Bloodshot Hall Grey roof. Red walls Click here
7 St. Sebastian's Church Square Tower. Grey roof/walls Click here
8 The Barley Mow Brown thatched roof. Red door. Beams  Click here
9 The Greengrocer's Shop Grey Roof. Green doors/windows Click here
10 The Antique Shop Purple roof. Click here
11 Whimsey Service Station Light brown roof. Green petrol pumps Click here
12 The Post Office Light brown roof. Red door Click here
13 Whimsey School Grey Roof. Brown walls Click here
14 The Watermill Light brown thatch. Beams. Click here
15 The Stag Hotel Grey Roof. White/Black beams Click here
16 The Windmill Grey Roof. White walls/sail Click here
17 Tinker's Nook Red/brown roof. White walls Click here
18 Whimsey Station Brown roof. Red walls. Archway Click here
19 Merryweather Farm Brown roof. Cream walls Click here
20 The Vicarage Light brown roof. Pink walls Click here
21 Broomyshaw Cottage Brown roof. Cream walls. Red door Click here
22 The Sweet Shop Grey/brown roof. White/black timbers Click here
23 Briar Row Light brown thatch roof. Light blue doors Click here
24 The Manor Brown roof. Red walls. Yellow door Click here
25 The District Bank Brown roof. Red/brown walls Click here
26 The Old Smithy Yellow thatch roof. White/black timbers Click here
27 The Picture Palace White/black timbers. Steps to large doors Click here
28 The Butcher's Shop Brown roof. Light walls.  Click here
29 The Barber's Shop Grey roof. Red barbers pole Click here
30 Miss Prune's House Grey roof. White/black timbers. Click here
31 The Fire Station Brown roof. Bell. Red fire engine Click here
32 The Market Hall Light brown roof. Clock Click here

Mudlen End pottery cottages (not Wade but may be of interest)