12 promotional minature animals were produced by Wade for the Red Rose Tea Company in Canada in 1967. The number was increased to 32 following the success of the first models..

ISSUE 1 - Miniature Animals (1967-73)

Number Name Description Photo
1 Alsatian Grey. tan face  
2 Bear Cub Grey. beige face  
3 Beaver Grey-brown  
4 Bison Brown body. darker head Click here
5 Bluebird Beige body. blue head/wings Click here
6 Bushbaby Brown. blue ears Click here
7 Butterfly Olive brown. green tips Click here
8 Chimpanzee Brown Click here
9 Corgi Brown Click here
10 Crocodile Greenish brown Click here
11 Duck Blue/brown Click here
12 Fantail Goldfish Green yellow. rock Click here
13 Fawn Brown. blue ears  
14 Fox Dark brown. lighter face/chest  
15 Frog Green/yellow  
16 Giraffe Beige Click here
17 Hedgehog Dark brown. lighter face  
18 Hippo Honey brown. Click here
19 Kitten Dark/light brown. with wool  
20 Lion Light brown. darker head/mane  
21 Mongrel Brown. lighter front  
22 Otter Beige. blue base Click here
23 Owl Dark/light brown  
24 Poodle White  
25 Rabbit Beige  
26 Seal Brown. on blue rock  
27 Setter Brown. greenish base  
28 Spaniel Honey brown.  
29 Squirrel Grey. Brown head. yellow acorn  
30 Terrapin Beige. markings grey or blue  
31 Trout Brown. red tail. green base  
32 Wild Boar Brown. green base